Glo-Box Kit with Glo Germ Gel-Powder-Blacklight

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Glo-Box Kit with Glo Germ Gel-Powder-Blacklight Description

This kit contains a battery operated ultra-violet light, an 8 ounce bottle of Glo Germ Gel and a 4 ounce bottle of Glo Germ Powder. The ultra-violet light uses 4 AA batteries (not included) and is approximately 6 inches in length. This kit is excellent if you need mobility since it does not require an electrical outlet. Glo Germ products demonstrate germ communication, cross-contamination, effectiveness of sanitary practices, and more! Glo-Germ products are good for forensic and health education for all grades. You can tell kids to wash their hands a thousand times, but this product visually shows and demonstrates germs that can never be seen by the naked eye. For businesses and health care, Glo Germ products illuminate the weaknesses in your techniques and protect yourself, your customers, and your bottom line! All you need is the Glo Germ Oil, Gel, or Powder, and an ultra-violet light. For hand washing training, Glo Germ Liquid or Oil is rubbed onto one’s hands like lotion. For surface cleaning, dust Glo Germ Powder onto surfaces and generally throughout the entire area. Then wash your hands or clean the area as you normally would. Glo Germ Oil should be used in the medical field where greater accuracy is required. The oil may stain cloth, so the gel is recommended where staining may be of concern. The Glo Germ Powder is applied with a brush to demonstrate proper surface cleaning as well as the spread of germs, especially in the area of cross-contamination. Although one’s hands and surfaces appear clean, the ultra-violet light tells a different story. The discovery of the remaining germs will cast a new light on your cleaning effectiveness.

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