SD-20 All Purpose Cleaner – 6 Pack

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SD-20 All Purpose Cleaner – 6 Pack Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Spartan’s SD-20 is a highly concentrated synthetic all-purpose cleaner with emphasis placed in the following areas of performance: QUALITY: The quality of ingredients rather than cost determines which raw materials are used in SD-20. VERSATILITY: SD-20 is literally an all-purpose cleaner and accomplishes an unusually large number of maintenance tasks, reducing your maintenance buying to one product for every task. ECONOMICAL: Reduces labor which normally constitutes 95% of maintenance expenditures; thus, lowering labor costs while providing maximum efficiency. SAFETY: SD-20 does not contain soap, free alkali, caustics, ammonia, or other harmful ingredients. The pH factor is extremely mild in either the concentrated or diluted form. In fact, in diluted form, the pH factor approximates that of Ivory Soap. The product is neither a primary cutaneous irri­tant nor a sensitizer and has passed the U.S.P.H. test. This is also true under modified testing procedures. SD-20 is authorized for use by USDA and carries an ‘A4’ rating. It also is Kosher and Pareve for Passover and all year around. TESTS: The product has been subjected to and passes all tests outlined by Government Specification P-C-9943lb. Utilized in these tests is the Gardner Washability Machine for cleaning efficiency eva­luation.

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